The following are videos, documentaries, lectures, and more. More to come soon!

Pro-tip: These work best when watched with as many people as possible, hold community screenings!


Freeway Fliers: Higher Education's Best Kept Secret 2.1

Created by the "Non-Profit Documentary and Media Organization for a Big World," RECIPROCAL MEDIA, this 2016 documentary tells "the story of the unknown teachers of America's colleges and universities that are on the outside looking in." With 75% of adjunct faculty facing non-tenure, insecure job outlooks (yes, many don't know if they are teaching next semester till the very end of their current semester OR even right before the new semester!), little to no benefits (read about the tragedy of Margaret Mary Vojtko here); adjuncts are exploited and under-appreciated labor whose job is to help new generations get jobs and success while they navigating poverty and struggle. Please check out RECIPROCAL MEDIA for other works!



The following are various zines (educational literature generally DIY, printed out and distributed!) useful for social activists and communities. Print and share these with your compañerxs and community in solidarity. For printed copies and other literature, please check out Sprout Distro, CrimethInc.Ruine des Kapitals, AK Press, Black Powder Press. For additional resources, please check out our Solidarity page.