How to Contribute

We are always looking for like-minded contributors!

Maybe you are a writer, photographer, musician, artist, cartoonist, translator, organizer, community leader, a Paid Professional Anarchist, or whomever; we're looking for you!

We consider all skills.

If you'd like to contribute, please follow the few guidelines below before contacting us:

  Damn paid professional anarchists...

Damn paid professional anarchists...

We accept original content that shares perspective and intentions with Atrium Press. We read and review submitted content and ask that to respect our time and efforts you write to the following guidelines:


  • Please proofread, edit and fact check your piece, we have limited resources and rely on your diligence.
  • Include hyperlinks to back up facts and quotes.
  • Please include AT LEAST one picture.
  • If you are unsure how to include a video, just include the URL of the video in the text, we’ll add it for you.
  • Whether you are using a photo/video, or are submitting photos or videos of a recent action, You can remove METADATA with this -- EXIF Purge (google for this program if not available there). This will help remove some data stored into your pics, e.g. location, camera type/make/model & serial number (sometimes, yes!), creator information, etc.


  • Examples of contributions are communiques, editorials, first hand accounts, report-backs, interviews, documentaries, original research, essays, photos, videos, etc.
  • Please limit linking to or re-posting from corporate media; if a comrade/movement source is unavailable please provide some analysis.
  • Photo, Tweets, and Video are strongly encouraged! Again, please wipe your meta (EXIF) data -- see above.
  • Please spell and grammar check articles and be intentional with HTML formatting.
  • Please do not share anything that directly or indirectly incriminates individuals. We don’t want to know who did what. If you are unsure on security culture basics, read here or listen here.


  • Does the analysis come from an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist perspective?
  • Is the action self-organized and put forward outside the hands of top-down groups?
  • Is the activity in conflict with an institution of power?
  • Was there any real risk in its performance or was the symbolism powerful enough to manifest a deeper resonance with liberatory struggle?
  • Does the piece place itself in a larger context or history of revolt?
  • Was the action or analysis based in North America or does it have a strong relationship to here?
  • Calls to action are currently only being accepted by networks or groups and prisoners that have the ability to pull others in.
  • Publications are accepted that include a PDF for free download and printing (feel free to upload onto Atrium Press) or articles from the pages inside. We do not accept ads for books and magazines.
  • In general, it is okay to repost our articles as long as you attribute, and provide a link back to, Atrium Press. If your article is accepted and published here, it will essentially follow these guidelines.


Not all submissions are accepted. These guidelines certainly will adapt as needed. Thanks!

Special Thanks to for inspiration and assistance with guidelines and security measures!

Please submit all contributions to: